Is the gothic dancing queen

Cleopatra the Celestial is a singer-songwriter, budding music producer, and cabaret bellydancer. Her sultry voice and enigmatic electropop x trap beats draw you into her world of mystery, magic, and love. She tells her story using imagery of fantastical creatures. With one eye in reality and one eye in fantasy, Cleopatra the Celestial enchants as much as she empowers. Her voice invites you into her world from thick, soulful lows to soft, tender highs, reminiscent of FKA Twigs. Her debut single, Sleeping Dragon, reveals a beautiful contradiction of strength, fragility, and faith. 


She has performed at the Austin Bellydance Convention and at GothlaUK, a gothic dance fusion festival. Her workshop, All About Angles, teaches bellydancers how to build shapes with their bodies for more artful dancing.


Cleopatra sounds like BlackPink meets Nine Inch Nails.